Colleen’s school presentations are geared toward k through 3rd grade. Presentations last approximately 30 to 40 minutes each and are designed for groups of no more than 30 children because of the hands on nature of the workshop.

After reading Lilla’s Sunflowers Colleen discusses how feelings grow and change over time as shown in the book and how it relates to Lilla’s changing garden. Colleen will provide seeds and planting materials and plant sunflowers with the children for a project that can be enjoyed for weeks to come.

Colleen will read Lilla’s Sunflowers then discuss the letters Lilla receives in the story and how they make her feel. Children can then relate how they feel when they receive letters and packages. We will then discuss how soldiers serving overseas might feel if they received letter from the children. Colleen will then hand out printed letter prototypes that the children can color and compose a special message. Colleen will then collect them and send them to our troops overseas.

Colleen will present a powerpoint presentation of her writing journey and discuss the process of how her inspiration for Lilla’s Sunflower’s became a book. She will then show the actual dummy book that her agent used to sell her idea to the editor. She will lead a workshop on how to make a dummy book. The children can use that book prototype to create their own text and illustrations.

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