To the post office…

31July 2008

Off to mail a few more queries and another request. I’m determined to work on WIP #1 for a couple of hours today. Yesterday, I worked on WIP #2 and had some successful parts and some questionable parts– but that book is an entirely different bowl of wax. Sorry for the cliche’. What does that even mean-candle? Also, I received some chapters from one of my beta readers and worked on them a bit.

Thinking positive today. Plus, my house is being cleaned by a new cleaning woman who is obsessive/compulsive about cleanliness. Should be interesting. Could be great fodder for my WIP #1-since one character has obsessive/compulsive traits.

I know Jen Hubbard addressed this in her blog but I use lots of my observations–especially the weird behaviors in my book. Are writers obsessive people watchers?


  • “Are writers obsessive people watchers?”

    Probably. Eyes & ears wide open.

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