It’s been quite some time…

26March 2009

…but I intend to be more vigilent in tending to my blog. Now, if I could only make this promise to my garden.   I’ve been working on three novels. Two are finished but not as polished as I would like them to be. Book 1 is being read by a new beta reader. Book 2 is being read by hubby. Book 3 is being developed using a method called the snowflake method. This method is very structured (so not me) and my husband (the engineer) loves it. He’s walking me through so that I don’t hop over the parts that bore me. We’ll see how it works. So far, with his help, it seems to be going well.On Kristen Nelson’s blog, she announced that vampires and werewolves are out. Boo, since Book 1 is a werewolf theme—hopefully it is different enough to garner attention.coll 

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