Writing Challenge Tuesday

16June 2009


The wonderful Query Tracker site is holding a one-day-only contest (ends today at midnight!)

Write an elevator pitch. An “elevator pitch” is a brief pitch (1 – 3 sentences) in 30 seconds or so. These short pitches get their name from imagining you might deliver these lines to an agent while sharing an elevator. The contest will be judges by Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary and Media.

Here are the contest details:

* Entries will be accepted by entry form on the main site.
* You may submit your entries by 11:59 (mountain time)Tuesday night.
* Acceptable genres are adult fiction, YA fiction, and narrative non-fiction.
* Entries should be brief 1 – 3 sentence pitches and take less than a minute.
* Ms. Glick will select the top ten winning entries. Winners will be invited to submit a partial manuscript to Ms. Glick.


The Rutgers One on One Mentoring Conference is accepting applications. The pages you send are juried, and only 70 or 80 applicants are selected out of quite a few (I’m not sure of the exact number, but each year it grows higher)

To maintain the one-on-one ratio, enrollment is limited to between 70 and 80 qualified applicants with work in progress, people actively pursuing careers as authors and/or illustrators of books for young readers:

The conference fee is $175 and includes a continental breakfast and a buffet lunch. Applications must be received by July 8, 2009.You can find more info here:


*And now for something completely different. My personal challenge. I’ve had an idea stewing for about a year now. Wait for it…



Writing a cookbook!

Well, not exactly a cookbook. An art/legend/ recipe for baked goods type book. I know I’ve told people that I am not interested in illustration (for those of you who don’t know me – I’ve worked as a fine artist for over fifteen years). But I do love to draw fairies. Ask Melissa Marr—I drew one for her fairy art contest and she liked it so much she said she was going to hang it in her home.

I’ve readied my proposal and sample pages with art – now, to query. I’ve written queries for my YA fiction, but never a query for this type of work. Luckily, I have my friend Sarah Pinneo (author of The Ski House Cookbook) to help me.

So what are your challenges?



  • My challenge is the same one I’ve had for a while–keep at my WIP until I’ve fixed it or reached a dead end. 🙂

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