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17June 2009

Today’s topic is book trailers.

Recently, I asked Steve Meltzer (editor at Dutton, and Dial) this question. If he received a query with a link to a book trailer would he take a look?

His answer–most definitely, yes!

Luckily, my husband is skilled in the use of computers, and made me a trailer for one of my projects.  I’ve done major revisions on this story, changed the title, and character names but you still get the idea. He’s going to revise and use some new fancy tools to make it even better. 

Here is the old version:

I’m wondering what book trailers you’ve seen and liked? Or trailers you’ve hated? And why?


  • I love book trailers!

    I like Cindy Pon’s and Courtney Summer’s books trailers. They are very different but equally intriguing to me.

    Melissa Marr also has some beautiful trailers.

  • I can see Cindy Pon’s Silver Pheonix as a movie! That was great.

    I also liked Courtney’s creativity.

    Music seems to play a huge part in these trailers. Maybe all?


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