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18June 2009

Since October I’ve been reading Publisher’s Lunch (the free version), and jotting down interesting industry news. I’ll share. Since I am interested in YA paranormal- I specifically recorded some info because it involved this genre.

– Foundry Literary-new agent-Stephanie Abou

-School of Fear-YA-agent-Sarah Burnes-The Gernet Company

-Endeavor-Rebecca Oliver-thrillers

-Tara Weikum-Harper Collins-fairy book

-Jodi Reamer of Writer’s House repped fairy book

-The creative Culture-agent-Matthew Rlblonk

-Jenoyne Adams-YA-Bliss Literary Agency

-Stephanie Tade Agency-Dana Bacher

-Anne Hoppe of Harper Children’s bought Wicked Lovely-rep was Rachel Vater

-Donna Bray of Hyperion bought Dead Beautiful-repped by Ted Malawer from Firebrand Lit.

-Lindsey Heaven from Puffin bought Devil’s Kiss (YA)-repped by Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Lit.

-Michelle Brower from Wendy Sherman Assoc. sold Mixed Animal (YA)

-Krista Marino of Delacorte bought Witches Alphabet (YA)-repped by Rachel vater-Folio

-Ginger Buchanan from Ace bought Many Bloody Returns-repped by Joshua Biilmes of Jabberwacky Lit.

-Kelly Sonnack joined Andrea Brown Lit.

-Brendan Deneen joined Fineprint-YA-thrillers

-Melissa Sarver joined Elizabeth Kaplan Lit.

-Becky Cole made senior editor of Plume Books 

-Sharon Shavers Gayle joined Mary Jack Wald Assoc.

-Jennifer Mattson joined Andrea Brown Lit.

-Ginny Weissman left Martin Lit.

-Gary Heidt left Fine Print Lit to form Signature Lit with Ellen Pepus

-Jason Ashlock and Meredith Dawson have formed new agency called Moveable Type Lit.

-Craig Kayser joined Moveable Type Lit.

-Vivian Chum joined Prospect Agency

-Stephen Barbara joined Foundry Lit.

-Marlene Stringer joins/forms Stringer Lit.

-Elise Prouix left Frederick Hill

-Julia Churchill joined Greenhouse Lit.

-Jenny Rappaport starts The Rappaport Agency

-Andrew Karre left Flux and joined Carolrhoda Books

-Michelle Andelman joined Franklin and Siegal

-Scovil Chichak Galen changed name to Scovil Galen Ghosh Lit.

-Michael Bourret VP of Dystel and Goderich

-Jessica Papin joined Dystel and Goderich

-Megan O’Patry joined Veritas Lit.

-Steve Troha joined Vigliano Assoc.

-Laetitia Rutherford joined Mulcahy Assoc.

-Rob Weisbach-new management company-Rob Weisbach Creative management

-Eric Simonoff left Janklow and Nesbit and joined William Morris

-Paul Rodeen left Sterling Lord and starts Rodeen Lit. Management

-Rebecca Gradinger left Janklow and Nesbitt and starts Finchley Road Lit.

-Jenny Bent leaves Trident and forms The Bent Agency

-Jill Corcoran joined The Herman Agency

-Stacia Decker and Danielle Chioth joined Firebrand Lit

-Willy Blackmore left Impetus Press and joined Bliss lit

-Michelle Andelman of Lynn C. Franklin Assoc.-YA fantasy

…to be continued next Thursday : )





  • Thanks for the YA news. And I didn’t know you had a blog! Definitely adding it to my list 😀

  • Likewise. I have to get the whole list of the query tracker gang’s blogs.

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