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15July 2009

Sorry, missed my Monday:what am I reading post. The day was spent with trying to pick the new paint colors for our house. Sounds easy–until you pick up the 2000+ color palette.!!!. Thought I made the right choices.

Boy was I wrong. Ick. Going back to a trio of colors similiar to ones the old owners had picked.

Misted lilac sounded so pretty, with dove white, and red earth. Misted lilac was supposed to look like a slightly purple tinged gray–not pink!

I did read a good book last week called  Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan. Margo has a magical way of writing, and the ideas are so original. It took a bit of time for me to get into the swing of the phrasing. She’s from Australia, but the dialogue sounds(to me) like perhaps England or Whales in the 1600’s (I’m no expert and could be totally off). I fell in love with the writing, and will read it again at some point.

Tuesday: Writing challenge. My writing challenge is to finish the first two chapters of my book before Monday. I try to make weekly challenges for myself, if not, time has a habit of slipping away. Guess it keeps me on task.

Had my first interview! I’ll post it when it is online.


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