27October 2010

    Day five!


    It’s always nice to see what has sold and what the professionals are looking for!


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    Today’s information.


    Ammi-Joan Paquette joined the Erin Murphy Literary Agency as an associate agent in early 2009, and placed a dozen manuscripts in her first year. Recent sales include The Monstore, by Tara Lazar (Aladdin, 2012—Yay, Tara!!!!). The Orphan Prince trilogy, by Jennifer Nielson (Scholastic, 2012), and Words in the Dust, by Trent Reedy (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2011). Joan represents all forms of children’s and YA literature. She is particularly drawn to a strong lyrical voice, tight plotting, and complex characters. Joan is also the author of The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies (Tanglewood, 2009), as well as the forthcoming PB, Ghost in the House (Candlewick, 2012), and novel, Luchi, Undaunted (Walker, 2011). Joan is happy to look at queries from conference attendees; please use the submission form at There is no time limit on submissions.


    Annette Pollert, Associate Editor, Simon Pulse. Annette acquires contemporary, commercial teen fiction and the occasional nonfiction title. Working with and editing paranormal romance writers like NYT bestselling author L.J. Smith, Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, as well as Jeri Smith-Ready, she is always interested in reading manuscripts in that genre that have inventive hooks and distinctive voices. She also enjoys dark, edgy suspense/mysteries, and novels in verse. Annette is interested in books based in—or out—of reality with complicated, engaging protagonists. Make her laugh, make her cry—mesmerize her with your really awesome manuscript! (No high fantasy, please.)


    Beth Potter, Associate Editor, FSG Books for Young Readers. Beth edits children’s books for all ages, from PBs to YA novels. She is the editor of Annie Glover is Not a Tree Lover by Darleen Bailey Beard and (forthcoming this fall) Ellie Ever by Nancy Ruth Patterson and Edges by Lena Roy. She looks for emotionally resonant, smart, well-crafted YA projects that bridge the commercial and literary worlds by combining stellar writing with an irresistible hook. A few items on her acquisition wish-list are: a really gripping YA murder mystery, a project involving food or cooking or restaurants, and a gorgeously-imagined fairy-tale retelling. On the PB side of things, she’s looking for simple, fun, and funny.


    Linda Pratt, Agent, Sheldon Fogelman Agency. Linda works with authors ad illustrators in all genres for children. Her clients range from award winners and bestsellers, such as Sharon G. Flake, Denise Brunkus, and Karen Beaumont to rising new talents like YA author and today’s Success Story speaker, Eric Luper (Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto, published June 2010), debut MG novelist, Jane Kelley (Nature Girl, published May 2010), and author/illustrator, Angela Dominguez (Maria Had a Little Llama due out in 2010). Currently Linda is most interested in fiction: strong voices, timeless stories that couple a sense of reality with elements of escapism or otherworldliness, speculative fiction that retains a sense of hope, and characters not seen often or who may be familiar, but are portrayed in a unique way that feels fresh. Linda will be open to receiving submissions post-Rutgers.














    25October 2010


     Happy Monday!


    I think this Pay It Forward series may take a bit longer than a week! I hope people are finding it helpful.  The more informed you are about the agent or editor you approach with your project the better your chances are of success.


    Don't forget to check submission guidelines. Some of the agents and editors listed below are only open to unsolicited queries from Rutgers conference attendees.


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    Steve Meltzer is currently the Associate Publisher/Executive Managing Editor for Dutton Children’s Books and Dial Books for Young Readers. He also edits the Celebra Children’s Books line. He has been in publishing for 25 years and has served in a variety of positions in the publishing industry. Steve is the editor of many books for young readers including John Madden’s Heros of Football:The Story of America’s Game; The Sydney Taylor award-inning, Hanukkah at Valley Forge by Stephen Krensky, illustrated by Greg Harlin; Barbarians! by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Robert Byrd; and Useful Fools by C.A. Schmidt (a Booklist Best Book of the Year). His series include Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol and the Boy, Were We Wrong About…books. Dutton and Dial are looking for high concept MG titles, compelling YA fiction with a distinct voice and character based PBs.


    Beth Miller, Literary Agent Assistant, Writers House. Beth has been Robin Rue’s assistant at Writers House since 2007. She has the pleasure of working with a number of adult fiction clients, as well as such YA and children’s authors as Garret Freymann-Weyr, Elizabeth Scott, Holly Lisle, Helen Lowe, Jennifer Bradbury, and Carmela & Steve D’Amico. She is always on the lookout for YA or MG, but isn’t the best choice for PBs. In her other life, she was a DNA sequencing technician at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island. She much prefers books to E. coli.


    Joe Monti, Agent, Barry Goldblatt Literary. With over twenty years of experience ranging from bookseller to children’s fiction buyer for B&N, and then sales director to editor, I feel I offer a unique and wide background to my clients. Of note: While I made my career by doing what I love, namely championing fantasy works, and helping create the modern YA category; MG fiction is the soft spot in my dragon scale armor, particularly realistic MG. You see, I’m actually still nine years old inside. I’m also not interested in representing folks who solely write PBs or solely illustrate, but happily have clients that do both. Joe will accept queries after the conference.


    Brianne Mulligan, Associate Editor, Razorbill/Penguin Young Readers. Brianne primarily edits YA and MG commercial fiction. She acquired the forthcoming Department 19 by Will Hill, the first in a major new YA trilogy, Darwen Arkwright & the Peregrine Pact, bestselling author A.J. Hartley’s upcoming MG debut, and is working with NY Times bestselling author Nancy Holder on her next novel for Razorbill. She began her career on the adult side, first at Random House’s Double day Broadway, then at Penguin’s Gotham Books, where she edited several nonfiction titles that could sit comfortably in the teen section, including Hill Harper’s Letters to a Young Sister and Lucky Magazine’s The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. Brianne is looking for high concept YA and MG fiction with a strong hook and an ambitious plot, and especially loves books for boys.


    Daniel Nayeri, Editor, Clarion Books. While open to anything weird and new, Daniel is mostly looking for high concept MG and YA fiction; books of rampant disregard for educational value, and dedicated solely to wonderlust. He wants stuff that reminds him of an 18th century circus in France, knife fights in Cairo, and the exact manner in which to dispose of jerks at school. Generally speaking, Daniel would rather avoid holiday books, children of divorce books, books of greater pedagogical interest than whimsy, or really anything with political bones to pick. Daniel will be open to receiving submissions post-Rutgers.


    Catherine Onder, Senior Editor, Disney-Hyperion Books for Children. Catherine edits PBs and chapter books and MG and YA novels. Authors and illustrators she has worked with include R.J. Anderson, Matthew Armstrong, Ally Carter, Geraldine McCaughrean and Jenny Valentine. She loves editing a variety of genres, but always looks for a strong voice and clear vision in all.


    Kathleen Ortiz, Associate Agent and Foreign Rights Manager, Lowenstein Associates. Kathleen began her career in publishing as an editorial assistant and interactive media designer for the YA section before moving on as an online editor for the features, art& entertainment sections for an online news outlet and teaching high school classes as a visual media instructor. She’s currently Associate Agent and Foreign Rights Manager at Lowenstein Associates. With the continued demand for online marketing in publishing, a strong online platform is essential for today’s authors. Kathleen uses her background in interactive media design to assist Lowenstein Associates’ clients with branding themselves. Kathleen is currently seeking YA (specifically edgy/darker, MG and chapter books. A strong voice and unique plot are essential in capturing her attention; however, shed pretty much perform a happy dance on YouTube if a creepy, keeps-her-up-at-night YA thriller or a YA romance with a male POV were to cross her desk. Kathleen will be open to receiving submissions post-Rutgers.

    22October 2010

    Day 3 of my annual PAY IT FORWARD week. This week I will be sharing the information I received at the Rutgers One on One Mentoring Conference. I hope you find it helpful!


    *remember to always follow submission guidelines. Some editors and agents are only taking unsolicited subs from conference attendees (and they do check).


    ·      sorry, wasn’t able to post yesterday due to illness. Back on track today : )


    Ty King, Literary Agent Assistant, Writers House. Ty King has worked at Writers House since 2008 as the assistant to senior literary agents, Kenneth Wright and Rebecca Sherman. Ty works with a diverse client list, including PB author/illustrators through MG/YA fiction and nonfiction authors and several adult nonfiction clients. Upcoming titles Ty has worked on include SIREN by Tricia Rayburn (Egmont, July 2010), 4-U by Holly Goldberg Sloan (Little, Brown, 2011) and INTENTIONS by Deborah Heiligman (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2011). Ty is open to books across all age ranges and is particularly interested in humorous MG fiction/nonfiction and high-concept fantasy/adventure series for MG/YA audiences. She is also looking for graphic novels for the MG audience and interested in adult narrative nonfiction. Ty is a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law and a member of the SCBWI and The Young to Publishing Group.


    Diane Landolf, Editor, Random House Children’s Books. Diane is looking for MG and YA novels and standalone chapter books. She has edited the Heck series; the Century Quartet (Book 11, Star of Stone, is out this fall); many titles in the A to Z Mysteries series: the medieval historical, The Book of the Maidservant, by former Rutgers mentee, Rebecca Barnhouse (Yay, Rebecca!); and Rebecca’s next book, a historical fantasy called The Coming of the Dragon, out this fall. She is interested in MG and YA novels across all genres, with a particular interest in quirky or dark fantasy/speculative fiction and literary titles. For YA, a strong voice is what she looks for most. For contemporary MG, she loves stories where kids are smart and figure things out, especially by working together. For historical, she prefers pre-20th century. The older the better! Diane will accept submissions of chapter books and novels only (no PBs, please) from attendees for three months after the conference.


    Sarah LaPolla, Associate Literary Agent, Curtis Brown, LTD. Sarah is interested in YA fiction ranging from literary coming-of-age stories to urban fantasy and science fiction. She loves complex characters and engaging narrators, and would love to see stronger female protagonists in YA. Sarah is always looking for YA with crossover appeal, but is also open to representing high concept MG. Sarah would not be the best match for writers of PBs, poetry, or early-reader chapter books. She recently worked with Book Arts Bash by providing feedback to the winners of their annual contest for homeschooled authors, and is a member of Young to Publishing.


    Kate Lee, Agent, International Creative management. Kate represents MG and YA fiction. She is agent to Anna Carey, author of the Eve trilogy (forthcoming from Alloy), Lesley M. M. Blume (Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters; Tennyson; and Modern Fairies, Dwarves, Goblins, & Other Nasties: A practical Guide by Miss Edythe McFate), Robin Palmer (Cindy Ella; Geek Charming; Little Miss Red; and the Lucy B. Palmer series), Tom Dolby (Secret Society series), Tina Wells (Mackenzie Blue series), as well as award –winning YA author Crissa Jean Chappell (Total Constant Order), among others. She is currently interested in high-concept YA fiction with a commercial bent, NG fiction (both boy-and –girl-driven), and is probably not the best match for PBs and smaller, more character-driven projects.


    Alvina Ling, Senior Editor, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Alvina acquires children’s books for all ages (baby-teen), with a particular interest in literary fiction and books with multicultural themes. She is interested in both genre (including science fiction, fantasy, and mystery) and contemporary fiction, and is a fan of beautiful and/or funky PBs with unique illustration styles, as well as trade nonfiction books. Some of her recent publications include the NY Times bestselling PBs Shark vs Train by Chris Barton and Tom Lichtenheld, The Curious Garden by Peter Brown, Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein, illustrated by Ed Young; Eggs by Jerry Spinelli; The Newbery Honor winning Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin; North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley; Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick, Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey, and The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Before starting at Little, Brown in 1999, Alvina was a bookseller, and has always been a life-long lover of children’s books. She is not open to receiving submissions post-Rutgers.


    Julia Maguire, Assistant Editor, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Julia has worked on PBs as well as novels, both MG and YA. She has edited the PBs 1 Zany Zoo and the upcoming How Do You Hug a Porcupine?, both GM Spoonful of Stories contest winners. She has also assisted in editing The Talent Show by Dan Gutman, Crescendo, the sequel to the NY Times bestseller Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han and Elixir by Hilary Duff. She is looking for literary as well as commercial MG and YA fiction with a strong voice that is grounded in reality, but she is not averse to paranormal, provided there is a strong emotional center. Julia is not the best match for science fiction or fantasy.


    Elena Mechlin, Agency Assistant, Pippin Properties. After a few years in marketing, Elena found the perfect position from which to pursue her love of all things children’s literature at Pippin properties. At Pippin, she’s lucky enough to be reading all incoming queries and loves the treasure hunt! She has also been instrumental in the editing of various upcoming projects, both PBs, Mg, and YA. Elena loves funny PBs, is typically averse to rhyming texts, likes goofy MG, and is on the hunt for some hot YA! If you’d like to submit to Pippin, please email your query to



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    19October 2010

    Day 2 of my annual PAY IT FORWARD week. This week I will be sharing the information I received at the Rutgers One on One Mentoring Conference. I hope you find it helpful!


    *remember to always follow submission guidelines. Some editors and agents are only taking unsolicited subs from conference attendees(and they do check).


    Katherine Jacobs, Associate Editor, Roaring Brook Press. Katherine works on everything from PBs through YA, fiction and nonfiction. She is editor of the chapter book series Gym Shorts by Betty Hicks and Don Brown’s nonfiction PB Gold! Gold from the American River! She is Jaqueline Wilson’s U.S. editor and has worked on books by Kate Thompson(Creature of the Night), David Whitley (The Agora Trilogy) and Marcus Sedgwick (Revolver). Katherine is interested in smart, fresh, character driven stories for all ages (with a special fondness for historical fiction) and is probably not the best math for gritty, dark, realistic YA novels. She is also a graduate of the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons College in Boston, MA. Will accept conference submissions.


    Molly Jaffa, Literary Agent and Subsidiary Rights Associate, Folio Literary Management. Molly has been with Folio since 2008, when she began assisting agency partner Jeff Kleinman. She then became the agency’s Subsidiary Rights Associate, selling Folio clients’ audio rights and assisting with foreign rights sales. As part of the launch of Folio Jr., an initiative within the agency devoted to children’s and YA titles, Molly is now actively building her own list. She has a deep affinity for young readers, and loves working closely with the writers who bring their voices to life on the page. She’s particularly interested in voice-driven, high concept MG and YA fiction; projects with elements of magical realism; stories featuring characters who have (or are in search of) strong passions and talents, and books that open up a rich new world for the reader to discover. Molly is happy to accept submissions after the conference.


    Grace Elizabeth Kendall, Assistant Editor, The Blue Sky Press and Scholastic Press. Grace assists Bonnie Verburg and Dianne Hess with a wide range of material from board books to YA novels, both fiction and nonfiction. Recently, she assisted Bonnie with It’s Christmas, David!, the next picture book in the No, David! series, written and illustrated by David Shannon. She also assisted Diane with Zen Ghosts by Jon J Muth, the third installation of Mr. Muth’s Zen books, and George Washington’s Spy, the sequel to the bestselling novel George Washington’s Socks by Elvira Woodruff. She spent last spring working with Editorial Director Ken Geist on Eight Days: A Story of Haiti, which is a powerful account of hope and resilience surrounding the Port-au-Prince earthquake. It was published to national media attention and a starred review in Kirkus last month. The editors she works with are always looking for well-crafted, engaging, enjoyable, and enlightening children’s literature. Grace is open to receiving submissions from the 2010 Rutgers One-On-One Conference only. 2010 Conference attendees will please also note that The Blue Sky Press is not currently accepting submissions. Grace is happy though to receive submissions for Scholastic Press, as she also works with an editor of that imprint. Envelopes should be clearly marked as submissions from Rutgers One-on-One 2010 attendees.


    *Sorry for the short post today. Had mouth surgery and not up to par.

    Come back tomorrow for more info. By the way, I’d love for you to follow me on twitter (writergirlrowan). At the end of the Pay It Forward series of posts I will award a sparkling jewelry prize to one of my new followers  : )

    19October 2010

    It’s that time of year again. My annual PAYING IT FORWARD week. This week I will be sharing the information I received at the Rutgers One on One Mentoring Conference. I hope you find it helpful!


    *remember to always follow submission guidelines. Some editors and agents are only taking unsolicited subs from conference attendees(and they do check).



    Kaylan Adair, Associate Editor, Candlewick Press. Kaylan works on PBs. MG, andYA novels, but is especially interested in adding more MG and YA fiction to her list. She is looking for stories that blend strong, literary writing with compelling and commercially appealing plotlines. Among the books she’s edited are: And Then Comes Halloween by Tom Brenner, illustrated by Holly Meade (PB),  Down Sand Mountain by Steve Watkins (MG), and Swim the Fly by Don Calame (YA). She is currently working with each of these authors on their second books and would love to begin long-term working relationships with promising new authors. Will accept conference subs for 3 months after the conference.


    Eve Adler, Associate Editor, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. : Eve works on a variety of formats from baby to YA, and is looking for manuscripts for all ages: PBs, MG, and YA. Most recently, she edited Escape by Night: A Civil War Adventure by Lauren Myers and Amy June Bates, and Dead Lines by Jennifer Doktorski. She enjoys manuscripts with a fresh voice and exceptional writing; for MG and YA projects, she likes contemporary, edgy, historical, coming-of-age,  humorous stories, and for PBs. She‘s most interested in texts that have a curriculum tie-in or educational hook. Prior to joining Holt, Eve worked in the adult imprint of G.P. Putnam’s Sons, which is part of the Penguin Group. Before entering the publishing world, Eve lived in France, Thailand, and Germany. Will accept subs from conference.


    Robert Agis, Associate Editor, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Robert Agis works on songbooks, PBs, joke books, sticker books, activity books, and puzzle and game books. He is interested in acquiring titles with strong backlist potential, and /or titles that lend themselves to new media formats (audio, video, web apps, etc.).Additional submission guidelines are available at: He worked with his editorial department on the Peter Yarow Songbook series, and is the editor of the second of Lisa Loeb’s songbooks. Robert is also the creative force behind Listening Along Story, a website featuring free audiobook downloads of select Sterling PB titles. Will accept submissions for two months after the conference.


    Jennifer Arena, Executive Editor, Random House Children’s. Jennifer is the line manager of the Stepping Stones line of early chapter books, which include the Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House series. She is looking specifically for early chapter books with strong plots and interesting characters of around 8,000 to 11,000 words, both stand-alone titles and series, as well as easy-to-reads. Recent titles she has edited for the Stepping Stones series, include Marion Dane Bauer’s The Very Little Princess, Ilene Cooper’s Look at Lucy, David Kelly’s Ballpark Mysteries, and Lynne Jonell’s Hamster Magic. Jennifer is happy to accept submissions after the conference.


    Elizabeth Bewley, Editor, Poppy/Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Elizabeth acquires fiction and nonfiction for teen readers. She is always on the hunt for smart books that will appeal to a broad readership, and is particularly interested in acquiring new young woman’s fiction for the Poppy imprint. Elizabeth edits Cecily von Ziegesar’s bestselling It Girl series and Joanna Philbin’s The Daughters series. Her upcoming titles include The Magnolia League by NY Times bestselling novelist Katie Crouch, We All Fall Down by NY Times bestselling author Nic Sheff, and Bunheads by former NY City Ballet member Sophia Flack. Elizabeth enjoys fast-paced fiction that contains a healthy dose of social commentary, funny projects that advantage of pop culture phenomena, and insightful nonfiction that speaks directly to teen readers. Elizabeth held editorial positions at St. Martin’s press, ReganBooks/HarperCollins, and Intervisual Books before joining Little, Brown in the fall of 2008.


    Erin Blak, Assistant Editor, Scholastic Press. Erin works mainly on MG, and YA novels in the Scholastic Press and PUSH imprints at Scholastic. She has assisted editing such books as Greeting from the 50 States by Sheila Keenan and Countdown by Deborah Wiles, as well as the upcoming Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg and Frontier Magic Book 2 by Patricia C. Wrede. Open to books for all age ranges. Erin is especially interested in fun, quirky MG, and YA fiction with strong protagonists; and good fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk novels. She is probably not the best match for rhyming PBs or most paranormal romance.


    Anna K. Bloom, Assistant Editor, Scholastic Trade Paperbacks. While open to material for all ages, Anna works primarily on commercial chapter book and MG series fiction. Anna worked on the MG fantasy Cat Magic and its sequels Dog Magic, Hamster Magic, and Rabbit Magic, as well as the Magic Pony chapter book series. In addition, she edited the realistic fiction novel Winner Takes All, which is part of Scholastic’s Candy Apple line of books for tween girls. She also provides support for the Rainbow Magic Fairy series. Anna is a fan of light fantasy and fast-paced fiction, as well as anything that makes her laugh or sends chills up her spine. She is probably not the right fit for PBs or nonfiction. Will accept conference submissions.


    Jennifer Bonnell, Executive Editor, Puffin Books, Penguin Young Readers Group. Jennifer works on MG, and YA fiction and non-fiction and has edited Three Cups of Tea: Young Readers Edition; Yours truly, Lucy B. Parker series and Geek Charming by Robin Palmer; Faithful by Janet Fox, Kieran Scott’s Geek Magnet; Let it Snow by John Green, Laura Myracle and Maureen Johnson; Puffin Graphics graphic novel adaptations of the classics. She’s looking for books that would be a good fit in original paperback—specifically books with great hooks and concepts and very strong voices, and would love to find a killer MG novel for guys. She loves humor, romance, witty voices, very commercial historical fiction, some dystopian fiction (very much grounded in reality, please) and does not work on high fantasy or hard sci-fi.


    Marilyn Brigham, Editor, Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books. Marilyn has been working at Marshall Cavendish for the past 6 years, where she edits everything from board books through YA. Her recent titles include Hero Dad, a PB in which a boy compares his soldier dad to a superhero; A Field Guide to Aliens, a MG book of alien profiles; the Ogg and Bob chapter book series, which features two cavemen and their pet mammoth; and Soccerland, a YA girls’ sport novel. Marilyn loves edgy contemporary fiction, boy book, sports books, books with multicultural themes, chick lit, and humor. She would love to sign up more fiction for MG and YA and quirky PBs. She’s not the best match for historical fiction, nonfiction, high fantasy, or concept books. Marilyn recently wrote a board book concept that Marshall Cavendish will be publishing. Will only personally respond to subs received in the first three months. Manuscripts sent after three months will go into Marshall Cavendish’s regular submissions pile and may not receive a response.


    Dana Carey, Editorial Assistant Wendy Lamb Books, Random House. Dana Carey works on a variety of books from young readers to MG to YA. Wendy Lamb Books publishes authors with a distinct voice and well-developed stories; themes include historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, and “boy books.” Some of WLB’s authors include Patricia Reilly Giff, Graham Salisbury, Dana Reinhardt, Gary Paulsen, Eoin McNamee, Arthur Slade, Christopher Paul Curtis, Beth Ann Bauman, Martha Jocelyn, Karen Day, and Suzanne LeFleur. Dana Carey is probably not the best match for PBs or board books. She was an intern with WLB when Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me (won the Newbery Award last year). She will complete her MS in Publishing from NYU in December. Dana is happy to accept submissions after the conference.


    Karen Chaplin, Editor, Puffin/Speak Books, Penguin Young Readers Group. Karen acquires MG and YA fiction. Some of the projects she has edited include the Students Across the Seven Seas series, Paris Pan Takes the Dare by Cynthea Liu, Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby, Exclusively Chloe by J. A. Yang, and the Specialists series by Shannon Greenland. Karen is looking for fun, original series fiction as well as stand-alone fiction for the MG and YA markets. While science fiction/fantasy is not her cup of tea, the genres she is looking for include chick lit, fun action/adventure series (boy and girl), mysteries, horror/paranormal, romance, stories with strong female characters (including topics such as sisters and friendships). Anything boy-centric, and commercial literary and edgy fiction. She is open to receiving submissions from conference attendees.


    Denise Cronin has been happily working in children’s book publishing for over 30 years. She started at Dial Books for Young Readers, where she worked in various positions before moving to Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers as Art Director in 1981. After Knopf, she joined Viking Children’s Books as Art Director in 1995, and was made Vice President in 2008. Throughout the years, she has had the pleasure of working with many talented artists, writers, designers, and editors. Area of interest range from board books to illustrated MG novels.


    Come back tomorrow for more info. By the way, I’d love for you to follow me on twitter (writergirlrowan). At the end of the Pay It Forward series of posts I will award a sparkling prize to one of my new followers  
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