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23July 2008

Last night I was reading a book. The clock kept ticking away—and I kept reading. It was 2 am but I was almost finished–so I continued. When I  got to the end — the big climax of the book—it said ‘to find out what happens you must read the next book in the series’.

How would you feel? Can’t wait to get the next book? I felt cheated. Is this common in books that are written in a series? Something new? My feeling is that each book should be able to stand on its own. Any thoughts?

  • I would feel the same way I feel about “to be continued” TV episodes: Grrr.

  • I know. I’m not reading the next book. Now I totally don’t care about the story.


  • I wouldn’t like it either. That is horrible. I think even series books should be able to stand on their own. Yes, there needs to be a tease in to the next book so the reader wants to move forward, but the first book should have some type of closure.

    Coll – I saw a post on Jessica Verday’s blog and clicked on your link in her sidebar to get here. I’m glad you started a blog. I just started one at the end of August…fun, fun, fun!

    Abi (QT)

  • I meant to say…that I’ll add a link to my blog to yours. 🙂

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