I’m so bad…

25September 2008

I’ve been ignoring my little blog.

Today I’m in a good mood. Doing some cool revisions(adding a new character and storyline) to Soul Jar. Also, I received an email from Melissa Marr–I won second place in her art contest. Yay, I get to pick out a bunch of supplies! Which will really be helpful  because yesterday I got a huge oil painting commission.

  • Hey Coll – Congrats on winning Melissa’s contest!! How cool is that?! And good luck with your revisions! I got your comment on my blog, thanks for telling me. It pretty much made my day! I was wondering if you could send me a photocopy of the page that said that?
    – Jess

  • Yes, I can definitely send it to you. Just email me your address.

    Yeah, it was cool to win something.


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