01October 2008

I finished the most recent (I forget how many versions I’ve written) revision. I think it’s good. Waiting for beta feedback. Almost all my beta readers are agented now and some are published (or about to be). I wonder if they still seek feedback from others or is it all in the agent’s hands? Are they allowed to show their work to others?

Another thing I noticed in my new rewrite–many of the changes were suggested by readers long ago but I dismissed them because “it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell”. Now that I’ve made these additions I think the story has vastly improved.


  • Congrats on finishing your revision!

    Isn’t it amazing how the story a writer wants to tell isn’t the story that wants to be told?

    Nice post.


  • Yes, it’s like they have a mind of their own. 🙂


  • I’ve heard that even very succesful writers with several books under their belts still use beta readers!

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