Thursday Industry News:

25June 2009

From Publisher’s Lunch:(Hopefully I don’t make any typos, I just drew a henna design on my left hand and it is drying)

-Barb Burg-former public relations director at Bantam Bell-launched Barb Burg Ink (public relations agency)

-Kirby Kim, Rebecca Oliver, and Laura Bonner all left Endeavor and joined WME Entertainment

-John Oakes and Colin Robinson launch OR Books (POD?)-Richard Nash (formally of Soft Skull Press) and Dedi Felman (formally of Simon and Schuster) launch an online community targeting writers, publishers, and readers. Members rate writer’s work and, hopefully, they are offered contracts.

-Evan Goldfried left William Morris and joined Jill Grinberg Lit. (reps genre fiction, graphic novels, food, health, humor, and pop culture).

-Hilary Rubin Teeman-promoted to editor at St. Martin’s Press-Lian Tanner-author of Museum of Thieves (first in fantasy trilogy) sold at auction to Michelle Poploff at Delacorte by Jill Grinberg Literary

-Alexis Barad-Ctler joined PlayBac as associate publisher-Lindsay Guzzardo-joined Guidepost Books as associate editor of inspirational fiction

-Alan Goldsher’s Paul is Undead: The british Zombie Invasion (cute title) sold to Jaime Costas at Pocket by Jason Allen Ashlock of Movable Type Literary

Well, I hope something in there is useful to somebody! Have a great day! 


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